This Is How Makeup Should Be Done

by Tina Mejer

If you don’t know how to do your makeup you found the right article. But, lets go to instructions on how to do your makeup. First, you should start with foundation. Don’t take the liquid foundation and rub it on your face – this is the first mistake on doing makeup. You have to put some on your fingers and slowly blend it with foundation, for this you can also use cosmetic sponge. Gradually mix with fingers until all color on your face is one color. Don’t be sloppy – you also have to take care about lobes, under the jaw and around your hair.

When you apply blush it should be applied to cheeks, make sure you choose a color that works for you. If you are not sure, ask your mother or some friends. Blush comes in powder, liquid or cream. Sweep the ear blush on the decline since the middle of the audit, and then from the line with the top of the ear and then end the apple of your check. Choose colors that are close to your complexion.

So for now we have done a lot of things for our makeup. The next thing is doing eye shadow. That’s is maybe the most tricky part, as you have to be really concentrated and steady. You take you lightest color – that’s your basic color for the makeup, apply it over the eyebrow, then do a shadow on the lower lid. This will make your make look great, because your eyes will look bigger and warmer. If you do a mistake, you have to clean everything up and start over – so this takes a lot of practice.

Lipstick is the most popular cosmetics in the world. But these days, the brilliant return. You can use a lipstick and a brilliant ensemble as you wish. Line carefully lips with a neutral color lip liner. Follow the natural lip line. Then, using a brush to fill lip colors with the color of your choice. Fill slowly and carefully, you don’t want a look sloppy.

Once your done with makeup for your lips, you can use clear gloss, but be careful not to use it too much. You can experiment a lot with the look of your lips, because it’s easy to start over and over again. This way you can really get the looks you want. Just a last tip for your makeup – if you want longer-lasting lipstick, put some lip balm first. This will keep you makeup a little longer.

If you practise a lot with your makeup, you will be confident that your makeup is all shiny and just the way you like it. You can go out and have some great time partying. When you know you look pretty, you have much more self-confidence. That’s the best effect of makeup.

For the end, just a last tip. Always remove makeup for the eyes thoroughly before going to bed. This helps to keep healthy and prevent lashes any mascara from entering your eyes during the night. There are many ready-made eye make-up removers available on the market for this purpose. They come in many forms, ranging from eye lotions eye pads. While removing mascara, colour avoid finding on the sensitive area below the lower lashes. Roll a cotton bud dipped in a cosmetic cleanser on eyelashes, taking mascara down on the fabric. Repeat until all the mascara is over.

This article is wrritten by recognized makeup makeup guru Tina Mejer. Tina has a lot of years of expirence in doing make-up for small and big organisations, artists, magazines, etc. You can visit her site here:

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